Is Patience A Virtue?

June 25, 2014

‘Patience is a virtue.’ ‘All good things come to those who wait.’ ‘Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.’ Yada -Yada- Yada.
Being a mom to Jenni taught me to be patient early on, whether I wanted to be or not, and I have had YEARS of practice. I think I did a pretty good job of having the ability, and willingness, to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with daily delays, which IS a daily routine in my life.

Today I replaced some recalled buckles on Max’s Graco car seat. The directions were iffy at best, but I figured it out. The last step had me losing any and all patience I had in my body. (I was questioning if patience really was a virtue.) There was no STEP to follow for this last item to complete. I may as well have been reading the spanish side of the pamphlet. I finally read where it say’s ‘For this step please refer to your owner’s manual’. Yeah, like I have that handy…I’ve had the carseat a few years. God only knows where that manual is. I had a few moments of seeing red and took a few deep breaths. I figured it out and the new buckles are in place. I did lose my virtue of patience.

I don’t know what’s happened, but something is amiss with my day in and day out calmness. I am still extremely patient with Jenni (even though I hear my inner voice SCREAMING at times) and her slower-than-molasses quirks. Over the last year I have discovered that when I get behind the wheel, something dramatically occurs with my personality. I still drive the speed limit, I do not have road rage, I abide by all the rules of the road, but annoyances I encounter on the streets? The things going through my mind just come spilling out through my lips without me even thinking about it. Last summer, Kimmi and I were coming home from the gym and I looked over and saw her smirking. I asked her what was funny. She said she was laughing because of what I was saying. Was I saying something? I didn’t realize I had been talking. (Now that’s not a good sign.)

Apparently the car in front of me was plodding along the roadway like a 3 legged pony and I had been making remarks out loud. Kimmi told me that I did that all the time. I was always spewing how I felt about the neighboring vehicles ahead of me.em>Seriously?) I am not denying it because there are times I think I graduated from the College of Smart-assery, and I know the words spinning around in my brain more than not, make it out for all the world to hear. (I DO contain myself when I concentrate and make myself behave.)

I began really paying attention from then on to what happens when I drive, park, back out, am walking behind someone who is part snail and I can’t believe I say some of the things I say. I’m not a bad person, really I am not, but the patience that I hold so close to my heart is not there when it comes to complete strangers apparently. I have found myself using the words: Old Bat, Old Fart, Move it Gramps, Anytime Grandma, on a daily basis. I don’t even know the gender of the person who is going 20 mph down Durango when it’s 45 mph. Heck, for that matter, I don’t even know IF they are long in the tooth; they could be a younger person trudging along the road, but in my visual at that moment, I hear myself proclaiming “That old Bag better get the lead out!” There is a woman who I have been behind twice now, when I run to Albertsons. And boy oh boy, I have a field day with this old gal. And yes, SHE IS old, I checked. One day Kimmi and I were behind her, right outside our housing tract, she pulled into Albertsons and I did too. She drove not only 25-30 mph, but she couldn’t stay in her lane. She weaved and kept giving it the gas, taking her foot off and braking. The entire drive to the store. We left the grocery store and just my luck….grandma Moses was ahead of us again. I should have passed her but I didn’t. She pulled into our tract and pulled into a driveway just inside the development. The second time I saw her driving…. I did pass her. I made sure I got in the store and out of the store, faster than she could hobble out of her van. The other day I pulled back in to the parking lot (Yes, I am at Albertsons WAY TOO MUCH) and Kimmi pointed out her van in the handicap parking spot. When we got in the store, I wanted to get a good long look at this ‘thorn in my side on Durango Drive.’ I knew I’d spot her immediately because I caught a glimpse of her the one time I saw her driving: she had on a big hat and she looks like a small child behind the wheel. Sure enough, there she was: about 4’8, humongous round sunglasses, as old as father time, and was wearing her massive floppy sun hat. She walked as quick as she drives. I was feeling a little ashamed of my previous blurt-outs while driving pertaining to her, but that flew out the window as soon as we were leaving the store. She was just about to leave her parking spot and I was NO way going to be stuck behind this slow driving menace to society.

I assume that as long as I have my profound patience for Jenni -which is truly genuine- my snarky, smart-alecky rants on the road can be tolerated. It’s become a comic relief to me, and I can always use a good laugh. So yes, I agree: Patience is a virtue.


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