Simple Pleasures

May 21, 2014

As the weather is beginning to make it’s ascent into the hot Las Vegas days of summer, I am waiting anxiously for the water in the pool to warm up. I checked it today, with only my feet (our thermometer broke) and it was in the 70’s. This I know. We have solar panels on the roof, but with overnight lows in the 50’s and 60’s, it’s hard to warm it up. When I was a young child, my sister Patti and I would swim in cold water without batting an eye. We’d have goosebumps covering our arms and legs but continued to jump off the side of the pool that we would visit every weekend. My father worked with a woman, an older woman, who liked our family. She lived up in the Hollywood Hills and every weekend we would make the trek from the valley, up into the winding canyon roads that took us to her home. Her home was high off the road and her pool was completely covered in shade because of the forest-like surroundings and the homes built on stilts (as I called them as a child) on the hill overlooking her place, blocked out any sun. At least, that’s how I remember it.

When you are a child, life is just so simple. Our summer pass times back then, were nothing close to today’s world. We’d go to the beach and run right into the water not flinching at the cold waves hitting our legs and waist. If it was cold, we didn’t pay it any attention. Our days were spent frolicking in the waters at beaches in southern California. Now for me, it’s a different story. I can’t go in the pool unless it is at least 80-82 and this is usually the first pool plunge of the season. Carter can’t wait to go in. He has been asking me since last October, every time he’s here “Grandma, is the water hot now?” He sees the sunshine and assumes it’s POOL weather. He would be thrilled to jump in right now, just as me and Patti did back on Jalmia Drive in the Hollywood hills.

If any of my friends (as a child) had pool heaters, it was never turned on for us kids. We’d swim and have fun in the coldest of pools and we would swim for hours on end. It wasn’t until my parents put a pool into our new home back in the early 70’s that I knew pool heaters existed. We didn’t use it often, but when it was on for a quick start up, it was great. After today’s ‘sticking-my-feet-into-the-pool-water’ and deciding it’s just TOO cold for me, I reminisced about the simple pleasures of my childhood and have such good memories of those days.


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