Jumping Through Hoops

I truly wonder at times WHO implements rules and regulations by certain agencies. State and Government agencies. It’s almost as if chimpanzees are running the shop.
A few weeks back, a jury summons arrived in the mail. Not the first time either. This was the second request in the last 6 years or so. It was for Jenni. My sweet dolly. When she got the first request 6 years ago, after chuckling and imagining her sitting on a jury panel, I immediately called the number on the card and gave them her Juror ID number and explained at length why she needed to be excused. I was told to have her doctor send in something stating her disability. I explained at the time that I have kept a medical file of important details on her and they said to send in what I had. She was excused a week later. I guess times have changed since 2007, even though the person with the disability hasn’t.

I phoned the Juror Service department 2 weeks ago, yet again, to ask for an excusal for Jenni. I explained everything once more as I did years before, stating that Jenni has Down syndrome- a genetic defect- functions like a preschooler, can’t speak, was born like this and will be like this forever. I told her this is a permanent disability. Not good enough for them. They need in writing…. that it is permanent. When I told the woman on the phone that I could send in papers I have detailing Jenni’s diagnosis, she responded that “Unless it states it’s a permanent disability, she will have to report for jury duty and there will be no excusal.” I have documentation that I have used in the past for instances that arise like this (when I needed to provide information: as in health insurance) and they are very concise and to the point. One document is the diagnosis at birth from UCLA stating she has Trisomy 21. Another report is from her doctor from several years ago explaining that she is severely mentally challenged, is 100% dependant on others for physical support and help with everyday skills, has no vocabulary and has been this way since birth. Along with the words stating there is 0% chance of improvement. The last report I have and use as needed is from a psychologist saying basically the same things as her doctor had stated. NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the Jury Summons Department! I told the woman on the phone that I had sent in the same papers at the last summons Jenni received and it was accepted. She looked in the computer and she told me that ‘I see there was an excusal but it wasn’t considered a permanent disability.’ I kept my composure while biting my tongue, believe you me, and asked her, “Exactly WHAT do I need to do?” She said that any information I have HAS to be written on one paper saying it’s a permanent disability.”

Two words: common sense , kept flashing before my eyes! Along with the visions of my blood boiling. (Common sense: sound and prudent judgement based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. It may have been the stubborness in me, I am not sure, but I hung up, made copies of what I already had in my files (the same ones I have used before) and mailed them in a week ago. I hadn’t received any response in any emails or mail delivered regarding it and I called this morning to get an extension for her. I had made a doctor’s appointment for her (JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS) and it isn’t until the day after she is to report for jury service. When I entered her juror ID number, the recording said “You are not required for jury service at this time.” GEE, ya think?

What chaps my hide is the fact that these bufoons HAVE the necessary documentation needed and if they can’t decipher for themselves the information that say’s it all……. then it isn’t my problem. Someone is asleep at the wheel at the District Courts here in Vegas. It boggles my mind.
We will keep the doctor appointment next month, as I need to have this taken care of once and for all. Everything will be written on one sheet of paper and clearly state that Down syndrome is a permanent disability.


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