Cooking, Baking and Working Out

Each night when I get ready to crawl into my bed and pray for a good night’s sleep without joint pains and muscle spasms, I think about my day and what tomorrow will bring.

After making a couple of batches of my new found banana nut recipe over the last few days, and eating one or two more than I should have eaten, I know I have worked it off in my Zumba class this week. I can remember when I first got married, I did not know how to cook, at all. I cringe at those memories now, of the slop I put on the table, but in my eyes, it was a home cooked meal. I would make minute rice with meatballs and sweet and sour sauce (GROSS) and then the hot dog dinners we’d eat. (MY God, what was I thinking)? I was not a pasta/sauce cooker at all back then. My sauce tasted like tart tomato sludge. Seriously folks. I could bake better than I cooked (Dennis can attest to that) and I bought every cookbook that I thought could help me. My mother would give me a recipe over the phone and it never came out like her food did. It took years! YEARS! I tinkered on my own- for over 20 years- and I have accomplished cooking. I can say that with confidence now: The dishes I make are always very good.

Same with the gym. I grew up quiet, shy and wasn’t one to want to flaunt my ‘uh-oh’ moments in public. Even my un ‘uh-oh’ moments. Too self concious. I’d just as soon evaporate into the background (self esteem issues). But all these years later? This butterfly has come out of her cocoon! If you don’t beleive me, you should watch me in Zumba. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it as in ’watch me like I am a showgirl on the strip’ kind of way. I mean that I haven’t given up. Being a goof ball (always have been), I began this class not knowing a single step, a single routine and felt like one of the oldest ladies in the classes. But from that first day back in April, I have shaken my ‘booty’, shimmied the best I could (and trust me, it’s still not looking like a shimmy), tried kicks, squats, some very unflattering moves that are supposed to look sexy (ha) and I don’t give a hoot if I screw it up or not. (I think I am one of the only people in there who chuckles out loud). For one hour (on those precious days that Kimmi doesn’t go to the gym with me- – she can only handle 40 minutes on the machines so 2 days a week I scurry from Zumba like a squirrel chasing an acorn out of the door), I give it my all. Never, would I have ever given any notion that I would be joining a class that you actually ‘dance around’ in, at my age! In front of complete strangers yet. (And I have met a wonderful friend in there too)! But I do it and will keep on doing it. I am learning my limitations (doing spins and fast turns- NO CAN DO), and today I swore I sprained a part of my body that I don’t think you can sprain- LOL! (No more low squats for me…… I’ll dial it back a notch from now on). I overcame my inability to cook, my fear of being in public alone, I’ve learned how to bake even better than I did 36 years ago, and now I can walk in to a gym and know I have self esteem, something I never had growing up. With ear plugs in hand (certain days only) and the loud music blasting away, I have found something I love to do. Whether I look the part or not! And they just started a Hip Hop class once a week now. Hmn?


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