How To Shed Pounds Without Trying.

April 19, 2015


OK, so those who know me know the battles I’ve had with weight gain over my adult life. I gain, I lose, and so goes the merry go round of my life. When I got dead serious three years ago and joined 24 hour fitness, I worked my ass off. Then all the physical issues arose- oh LORD did they- and spent a year on steroids. If not prescribed for the inflammation in my  Achilles tendon, or for the sciatica, then it was for my rheumatoid arthritis. I can honestly say and not as an excuse, the constant taking of steroids WILL pack on the pounds whether you eat or attempt to become anorexic. Bible swear.

Now that I am physically disabled for a few more weeks, and can’t put weight on my poor foot that has just been surgically sliced open and had the Achilles tendons sewn back into one piece (along with bones being shaved down), I have no access to raid the refrigerator, cupboards, or any area that has food. Since the surgery I haven’t had my old appetite back, so I’m not hungry. I hop across the family room and hop in my bedroom and I believe just doing that – along with scooting backwards up the stairs every night) has been a serious feat of a workout. The weight is dropping off, and here I thought the opposite would have happened, as I lolly-gagged in bed. Getting OFF the steroids was the catalyst  for my excess baggage melting away, and from my lips to God’s ears, I WILL NOT TAKE THOSE PILLS EVER AGAIN! I don’t care if it’s the only treatment for whatever issue may arise -and me being me, you can bet something WILL arise- they’re going to have to find something else to deflect any inflammation.

So by the time I am able to walk and rejoin society, I’ll be back  in my ‘thinner section’ of clothing I have stashed away in my closet.

My heel and leg will now hold an ugly scar, my  badge of honor (I view it as that… my taking that first step back in  2012 at the gym) as an accomplishment. Unfortunately in my zest and zeal to look like I did “in the old days”, is where I overworked the  tendons that first year,  which  instigated the whole mess I am living through now.

In a nutshell, have surgery that will keep you on heavy duty pain killers and in bed for two weeks, then being unable to really do anything for yourself, mobility  wise,  so you can’t just eat when you want. Watch the pounds come off.  Geez Louise, I sound like an infomercial. I admit, this is a very painful way to have done it, but at least I have begun. When the day comes, who knows when, I Will be back at the gym and Zumba one day.   This being after all the extensive  PT that is in store for me has ended – and I hear it’s going to be quite a while.



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