High School- My 40th Reunion


 October 3, 2015

Tonight is my  40th High School Reunion and alas, just as the previous 3 came and went I won’t be attending this one either. Had I still lived  in southern California and had family there as well, I would have made it a point to go.

In high school, I was very shy. Self conscious.  I had a sense of humor but I kept to myself, out of the way.  I went through junior high and high school with all my classmates: some I knew, some I didn’t and some were just acquaintances.  I had a boyfriend  all through high school  and basically hung out with him.  There were many things I wanted to do socially in school, but never had the chance.

After I met my husband (a year after graduating), I  finally realized that not all  boyfriends have jealous tendencies to the point of keeping the gal all to themselves, and  it occurred to me  that I had missed out on many things in high school.  After seeing on Facebook  all the giddiness and anticipation of tonight’s event, it makes me see this point ever so clear once again.

As I say quite often, it is what it is-  and my  life moved on.  But the world of Facebook opened an entire new realm  for me – as well as others- relating to days gone past.  I have truly cherished seeing all the  friends I have connected  with, through their stories, photos, and ups and downs in their lives.  Since fb, I have felt included. Something I did not experience back in high school. (Yeah I know, I had no self esteem back then for whatever reason.)

 If circumstances were different in our lives right now, my husband Dennis and I would have gladly traveled to Valenica to attend tonight’s festivities.  But being a mom to a child with an intellectual disability (another story in and of itself) can be overwhelming at times like these, when a function comes up.  Jenni  may be an adult chronologically, but she’s our perpetual preschooler. She is the sweetest, lovable, innocent soul you would ever want to meet, but she has her routines and quirks and to disrupt her familiarity would be extremely hard.  Traveling out of state would have been excruciatingly difficult and stressful on her. But at the 50th reunion, God willing I am still amongst the living, I will buy her a ticket too, and she can join us.

I may not be able to be there tonight but I contributed in my small way. I made a DVD slideshow  of all the classmates that are no longer with us. It was a humbling experience and I am proud of my creativity.

So cheers to my fellow classmates. I hope you all have an enjoyable evening!