Five Months, Seven Days Down….

September 2, 2015

I try hard to not think about the surgery that I went through, but the scar is there and every day when I massage Bio-Oil into it, it is HARD not to remember it and the months that ensued.

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You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!” In addition to this being the jingle for the 1968 Virginia Slims cigarettes commercial, this is my mantra.  I have earned it.  After doing  a real number on my Achilles tendon in March, and suffering  miserably for many months, I can actually say I am in a good place now. Finally.  About time.  Hooray!

I was in such a deep state of depression because I felt as if everything I enjoyed in life- was over. You know, things like: walking,  climbing stairs, showering, working out and getting back in shape…… just things you take for granted.

I’m at the gym every day (this is only my second week back, but hey, I am doing it), I am back taking  Zumba once more- and I had seriously thrown in the towel of ever being able to take these classes again while being laid up for months on end.   I still have a ways to go in rebuilding my leg muscles back up and in the balancing department, but I am quite sure I can reach that goal of being able to balance on my left foot alone one day.  The tightness is still pretty severe from the screw that is attaching my Achilles tendon to a bone in my heel, but I am hoping  the tendon slowly stretches out and is easier to maneuver around.  Sure I tire easily  with MS and I still have the arthritic issues on the back burner, but I can honestly say that I have truly come a long way.