‘Expressing Yourself- Or In This Case- Myself’

I always have so many random thoughts racing through my mind, that the idea of blogging seemed like the perfect thing to do. With my blogging thatI have posted over the last several months, you may think I have told all there is to know about me. Hardly! I have discovered that there are so many layers to me and I have only recently begun to peel them back. Slowly. I suppose there is a time in one’s life where you think about the past. Or regrets. Or how things could have turned out had you done this or that. Worked here or there. Or married this one or that one. Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking or maybe a better term would be reminiscing. There are so many chapters in our lives and some are filled with happiness, or sadness, boredom or excitement. I look back on my childhood and those years rocketed off like a meteor shower. My children’s lives have sped on by as quickly as a high speed monorail and it’s hard to imagine that time keeps on spinning just as fast in the present. The world of social media, in my case, Facebook, has made it so much more interesting to be able to see my friends from childhood aging along with me. I always look forward to hearing about their lives and what they have accomplished in their lives. (Then there are those you can truly live without hearing from but do so because you’re a ‘nice’ human being).

What I ‘think’ I have discovered in the last year is, not only do I really enjoy Zumba and dancing, I like putting what I see and feel into words. There are so many experiences that I have fumbled through in my lifetime, I can find areas of interest to write about. So bear with me as I start this NEW blog website. I will have much more to entertain the masses with! Ha!


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