Climb Back On That Horse, Lori


March 8, 2016

Climb back on that horse. That’s what I did today. Again. When I was incapacitated last year for close to 6 months, my gym days flew out the window as fast as it took for my tendon to rip off the bone.  When I was given the OK last August, to resume life as a semi healthy middle aged woman once more I began regularly attending the classes at the gym, with Zumba being my favorite. With all the steroids I had ingested non-stop for many, many months, I had packed on so much extra baggage that had I been a frequent flyer, those bags would have cost me a fortune at the airport.

Then on November 1st, after establishing a routine at the gym for two months and finally feeling GOOD about myself, I tripped backwards in our backyard over a concrete block and fell flat on my back, ripping my leg to shreds… right over the area of my tendon repair surgery. All the months previously of mending and the hypersensitivity to my leg returned with that fall and to this day, it has not gone away. My leg will never be the same and I have accepted that. It’s as rigid as a flag pole and has no flexibility at all. Standing and walking is difficult at best. It is what it is.

Add in the last few months of debilitating rheumatoid arthritis issues and the medication I have been on now for 90 days (90 today!) and I decided I really needed to get out and back to the gym. I’d been kicking it around for a month but wanted to make sure my joint pains subsided, and they have. Dennis suggested I might want to go back too, as it might help me fall asleep and stay asleep better at night.

This morning I dug out my gym clothes, drove the one minute to the YMCA and marched in to hit the treadmill. Naturally the day I return, my ipod shuffle died and there was no air in the building and the treadmill/elliptical/bike room was like entering a sauna. Oh goodie!  Those would have been EXCELLENT excuses to hightail it back to the minivan, but I was completely motivated. Undaunted. But I persevered; climbed on the treadmill, and walked and walked and walked.  Almost two miles. My legs feel a bit rubbery at the moment and I have no pains at my surgery site, so all in all it was a good morning. The fatigue has kicked in and nap time is beckoning me. Some things will never change and that’s OK… this is me.

I’m back! … And I’ll be climbing that horse again day after tomorrow.