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I live in Las Vegas, NV with my husband and children. Mom of 3 daughters and a grandma (a young grandma, as my grandson tells me) to two adorable grandsons. I have just gotten back to reading and love it. I have a busy, hectic life and I muddle through it all with a sense of humor. I have MS, chronic achilles tendon issues that will require surgery, and now newly diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am about to embark on THIS journey with an open mind. Being on chemo drugs doesn't comfort me but my hopes are that this will slow down the progression of RA. And the pain and stiffness will be put into a box. Other than that, just enjoying every day that life has to offer. And live by the motto that 'Humor is the best medicine.' Believe works! (I should know).

Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels

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Climb Back On That Horse, Lori

March 8, 2016 Climb back on that horse. That’s what I did today. Again. When I was incapacitated last year for close to 6 months, my gym days flew out the window as fast as it took for my tendon to…

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Welcome to my blog and to my world. I am by no means a writer, just a down to earth wife, mother, grandmother, woman, who decided to put chapters of my life into words. It’s a collection of musings that range from my everyday life: living with MS, raising a daughter with Down syndrome, experiencing growing pains in middle age, and an entire hodge-podge of my life.

I have excellent long term memory and luckily for me, my life’s events has been compartmentalized into a file cabinet. I have always tried to view life with a sense of humor and it shines through in my personal stories…… even those chapters of my life that weren’t rosey and were downright depressing. I will always find some speck of laughter that helps me on life’s journey.

My first blog was written in February 2013, and I had no idea if there would be more written. I quickly learned that it felt refreshing to write and I found that I do have things to say……… so a second story came about. Now, you can’t stop me !