Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels

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Climb Back On That Horse, Lori

March 8, 2016 Climb back on that horse. That’s what I did today. Again. When I was incapacitated last year for close to 6 months, my gym days flew out the window as fast as it took for my tendon to…

Source: Climb Back On That Horse, Lori


Welcome to my blog and to my world. I am by no means a writer, just a down to earth wife, mother, grandmother, woman, who decided to put chapters of my life into words. It’s a collection of musings that range from my everyday life: living with MS, raising a daughter with Down syndrome, experiencing growing pains in middle age, and an entire hodge-podge of my life.

I have excellent long term memory and luckily for me, my life’s events has been compartmentalized into a file cabinet. I have always tried to view life with a sense of humor and it shines through in my personal stories…… even those chapters of my life that weren’t rosey and were downright depressing. I will always find some speck of laughter that helps me on life’s journey.

My first blog was written in February 2013, and I had no idea if there would be more written. I quickly learned that it felt refreshing to write and I found that I do have things to say……… so a second story came about. Now, you can’t stop me !